March 21, 2018: Need a Plumber

Wednesday.  Paul was up early this morning and working on the bathroom before we were even out of bed. I got up around eight.  He had already polished off a pot of coffee before I was up.

Loads of work in the bathroom today.  Lots and lots of sanding and getting the very last of everything ready so that construction can begin.

Dominica and Paul had to make a couple more runs to the hardware and supply stores today.  So much is needed for such a tiny room.  We have new LED light fixtures now.  And we have all of the tiles, and the lights.  We have not decided on a shower head yet.

We discovered that our plumbing is old and horrible and that there is no way that we can use what is there.  So we are looking for a plumber now that can fix the shower for us.  Not a big job, but it is ancient sweat-joined plumbing that we can’t do.

So that is going to stall the project a little.  Now to find a plumber.

Everyone was exhausted this evening, so we just stayed in again.  It’s too much to do anything after construction all day long.

Dominica and Paul picked up pizza from Walmart while out shopping this afternoon and we baked that for dinner.  Dominica and I barely got any, Liesl and Luciana devoured it.  They ate nearly an entire large cheese pizza on their own, three pieces each!

While eating our dinner, we watched an episode of Coupling.  The days just fly by while doing all of this work.  It seems like we just ate dinner and went to bed.