March 5, 2018: Driving from New York to Missouri

Monday.  We had to get up and really get to packing the car this morning.  There was so much to do.  It took until noon to get the car fully packed for the drive.  And boy is it packed.  Every available space has been taken up.  The car is visible weighted down, this is going to be a very long drive.

So about noon we said our goodbyes to dad and got the drive underway.  We are heading out towards Cleveland and then down across Ohio and out to Cuba, Missouri where we will be staying with Paul tonight, if we ever get there.

The drive today was super easy and no problem at all.  We were very late getting started, but it never felt like a day of driving.  By the time that we got to Cuba, around two in the morning, I wasn’t even feeling like I’d driven much and could easily have continued on (we’d find out tomorrow that we wish that we had, driving it tonight would have been much easier.)

The southbound trip is better for us, we get the big day of driving done up front and have a short second day.  Cuba is a couple hours on the Texas side of the trip.

We got to spend a little time with Paul.  He had napped before we got there so we were not keeping him up all night.  We hung out for maybe an hour.  Just Dominica and I stayed up.  Luciana never even saw Paul, she made me carry her in and put her straight to bed the instant that we arrived.  She was asleep the moment her head in the pillow.  Liesl walked in and said hello, but got ready for bed and was asleep very quickly.