March 6, 2018: Driving from Missouri to Dallas

Tuesday. We started the day at Paul’s house.  I woke up just early enough to see him off to work.  Dominica and the girls were still asleep.

Everyone got up and we were on the road at a decent time this morning, probably around ten.  Paul stopped back to lock up the house as we left, so everyone got to say goodbye before we got onto the road.

Immediately upon leaving Cuba, Missouri we were met with some of the worst winds that I have ever encountered while driving.  It was completely insane.  It was all that I could do to hold the car on the road as we went down the highway and it just kept going and going.

It was a terrible drive.  We made bad time and it was terribly fatiguing.  We had to cut south and drive through Arkansas in the hopes of reducing the wind a little, which might have helped, but we really can’t tell.  The wind continued through Oklahoma.  So I had to fight it the entire day, there was really no relief.

So our drive was long and tiring.  We were very glad to finally get back home to Dallas this evening.

We had a lot of unpacking to do when we arrived.  First, though, we had to inspect the house and see how bad things are with us having been gone for so long and there having been so much range.  We were amazed to find that there was no visible water damage or anything.  We half expected to find the house was not even standing any longer, but things were just fine!  It’s a bit of a miracle.

So we took an hour and unloaded the Quest in the dark.  It’s all empty except for the dresser now which we will get tomorrow.

A short evening, some food, and time for some sleep.