July 3, 2018: Big Flats

Tuesday. My busy week continues. Yesterday it was meetings in Pennsylvania. This morning I had to be up early and out the door to drive down Interstate 390 to get down to Big Flats.

I was running early, so I stopped in Bath to see about breakfast at the Taco Bell. But they didn’t have breakfast today. I hunted around town until I found a McDonald’s instead.

I got to the Big Flats manufacturing facility just a little early. I put in a decently long day, but it went really well. Lots of documentation, planning, investigation, and getting to know the people that we work with. This is not a new customer, but one that I have never worked with first hand before and we need to transition them over to understanding who we are now. They had a lot of things to tell us about what had been happening in the past. We learned quite a bit from this visit.

It was a good day. Unfortunately I did not think the travel through very well. If I had, I would have gotten a hotel down in the Big Flats area for the night. Instead I am driving back up to dad’s place, and turning around and doing the same drive back down here first thing tomorrow morning, too, so that I can go to July 4th on the Farm in Waverly which is very close to here.

Very excited, though. I finally get to see the girls again tomorrow. It has been several weeks without them. I hate going even a few days without spending time with them. This has been really hard.

Some time this evening to hang out with dad again.