August 7, 2018: Second Fridge Up and Running

Tuesday.  The new fridge has been in place and is able to be stocked with food today.  And now it is daylight, so I was able to get a picture of it now that it is in place.

We’ve really put the wine and beer fridges to use, too.  Both are totally full now that Paul fixed the beer fridge. The wine fridge has always been used, but the beer fridge has been unplugged for a year or more.  We just didn’t use it much.  But we are entertaining regularly and there is no room for beer or soda in the “food fridges.”

The new fridge has a pull out drawer that is perfect for Ciana to be able to have all of her snacks, like yoghurt, pudding, cheese sticks, etc. all right there separated out for her.  It is right at her height so that she can see and reach everything that she needs to.

With my diet, we are going through so many veggies and fruits that we need much more space.  My salad greens alone take up an entire shelf.

The Nicaragua office lost power today.  This is going to be an all too common problem there.  The area shares power with Managua which has notorious flaky power.

I did some laptop setup work today for a customer.  And some NextCloud installs.

My day was long and I ended up working long into the night.