September 23, 2018: Happy Autumnal Equinox

Sunday and the Autumnal Equinox came early this morning.  It is officially fall.

I did a bit of work today.  I was in and out of the office much of the day.

Kat came over this evening.  We’ve not seen her in weeks.  I worked most of the evening.  Dominica and Paul put together our traditional cheese trays for when she’d come over.  The food was great, and Liesl joined us, she is starting to really like our cheese trays.

This evening I was doing some research on where we could stream different shows and I discovered that after all of these years, Growing Pains is now available on Amazon Prime!

Growing Pains was my second favourite show of my childhood, after Who’s the Boss.  It started in late 1985, when I was just nine years old, exactly Liesl’s age.  Sadly, Who’s the Boss is not available anywhere to stream currently, which is terrible as I really wish that I could watch it with the kids.  But I am so excited that Growing Pains is available.

Liesl agreed to join me in the living room to watch it together tonight.  I am so excited.  We watched three episodes of Growing Pains together and she likes it!  I can’t wait till we can watch the whole series.

Dominica watched with us, too, although she was doing Legos a bit of the time.

Luciana decided that tonight was her big reading not.  She had me set her up with the CloudLibrary app on her iPhone from the Carrollton Library so that she could find and read books on her own.

We got her set up and she loves it.  We borrowed four beginner books for her and she read all four.  So we returned them and got four more, and she read all of those, too!  She loves to read and really wants to read harder stuff, but is struggling to find a good balance of things at the library.

Liesl was late getting to bed tonight and it was three minutes before midnight when she went to do her DuoLingo for the day, and her phone was dead.  She ended up losing a twelve day streak and was incredibly upset.  She cried for at least half an hour because she had been working so hard on that.

I read the girls a chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and it was off to bed.

We had a major personal tragedy for one of our workers tonight and so I have to be up early tomorrow morning.  Not a lot of sleep for me tonight.