September 26, 2018: Incoming Storm

Wednesday.  I found Liesl up and reading her book before six this morning.  Not something that we usually have happen.  I think, from what I learned from her, is that she got woken up by Luciana’s feet touching her and it made her mad so she got up and read since she couldn’t sleep.

Some alarm went off at six thirty that I couldn’t find.  Or maybe it was a phone call or something.  I never found the device responsible.  But I was awake from it so got up and went into the office to get to work.

It was a very orange morning today, no question that a storm was rolling in and by eight it was strong thunder.  We are due for rain the whole day.

I had a long and overly busy morning.  But just after noon I was doing shots of rum at my desk.

My day stayed busy and after lunch, I had no time to record anything.