September 9, 2018: Restarting Harry Potter

Got up around six this morning.  Dominica and Paul are off to the Rockies to work on Dominica’s intestinal issues to see some medical professionals up there now that we are pretty confident that she has an IBS issue, rather than a gallbladder issue.  They have a long drive ahead of them today, up through Amarillo and through north eastern New Mexico.

I worked all morning, on posting, cleaning, organizing the house, getting caught up on stuff while the kids were still asleep.  First order of business is turning off all of the unneeded electronics and lights.  Second order of businesses is opening all of the blinds and getting some much needed light into the house.  The summer heat has broken, it was under seventy when I got up this morning, and there is no need to have the windows covered for insulation purposes and the girls and I very much enjoy the chance to have real sunlight in the house whenever possible.  The girls talked about it all morning, how much they love being able to open the blinds and have natural light.  It makes them happy.

I cleaned for several hours.  The bar is totally cleared, for the first time in about eight months.  Loads of stuff has been put away that never gets put away.  Then I watched some Deep Space Nine before the girls came out and asked to start a Harry Potter movie marathon, which we did, starting with the first movie and, early in the afternoon, moving on to the second one.

Luciana tried her life hack of putting milk into the empty Nutella container today, after she and Liesl finished off the Nutella.  Luciana liked it, so life hack success, I guess.

We had a nice day, and lots of time to relax.  By mid-afternoon, the girls decided that they needed a Harry Potter break and wanted to just play with their toys, instead.

The girls requested that I make pasta tonight.  The first real test of my cooking has already come.  I had to make the pasta, and figure out the butter, garlic, and cheese combination for the kids.  I made my pasta with a little sage in the water because the girls won’t eat pasta with “green stuff on it”, but sage is so important in the flavour of good pasta.

The verdict was that both girls really liked the pasta and ate it all.  Not as good as mommy’s, but really good, they said.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

I managed to use the time to get to watch quite a lot of Deep Space Nine and have practically completed the sixth season.  Just about one episode left to go.  I got a bit of exercising in today, which was nice.  I’ve learned how to use my exercise band a lot better.

We read chapter twelve in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone tonight.  It is amazing how many times the girls want to watch the movies and read the books.

Overall, it was a pretty relaxing day. A bit of cleaning, a bit of family time, some movies, reading, cooking.  We had a nice day.