November 27, 2018: Liesl Turns Ten

Tuesday.  Liesl is ten!  Luciana was ready and waiting for midnight and managed to wish Liesl a happy birthday at exactly midnight.  Paula was only seconds behind.  So Liesl had three of us wishing her a happy birthday before 12:01.

I can’t believe that she is ten now.  A full decade of Liesl!  She is growing up so quickly.  Her childhood is more than half over!

This morning was spent getting the house decorated and ready for Liesl’s birthday party.  Her grandparents came out from Frankfort, too, for the party.

The party was early in the afternoon.  All done before four.  Liesl’s big present for this birthday is a big punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves!

Dominica’s parents brought some more furniture with them for us to load into the truck.  That truck is super full.  There is definitely going to be stuff that we are forced to leave behind.  Can’t be helped.

This evening I worked on Dominica’s dad’s laptop that has been having issues.  I managed to get a lot of things fixed with it and it seems to be working pretty well now.

This is our last day in New York.  Tomorrow morning we are getting up and getting on the road to start driving back down to Texas.  We have some last minute packing that needs to be done in the morning.  Paul is getting up early and getting the big truck on the road right away.  The the rest of us can sleep in for a while before loading up the minivan and getting onto the road ourselves.  We expect that we will be moving so much faster than him that we will likely catch him by the end of the day.