December 28, 2018: First Day Alone

I woke up at three thirty this morning because my sinuses were burning. Thank goodness I went to bed early last night so I had almost five hours of sleep and this wasn’t so bad. Today is going to be a long day.

I got up and Netied (my new verb… netied: to use a neti pot) my nose and felt slightly better. Then tried going back to bed since I didn’t actually have to be up until five. I laid there for a while, but I could not sleep again. So I just got up at four thirty and took a hot shower to try to clear my sinuses.

Paul was ready to go just after five. We emptied some things out of the truck and he backed the side by side CanAm into the yard again and we were off to the airport.

There was no traffic. An easy drop off at Terminal C so Paul could fly American to Minneapolis. I will be picking him up again on Monday morning. Now it is a quiet weekend for me.

I got home and got right to work.

Dominica spent the day playing video games down in Houston. They are in the post-Christmas crash where everyone just sits around quietly playing video games for several days.

The day ended up not being nearly as busy as we had thought that it might have been. It was important that I was home, I definitely was needed all day, but it was not bad at all.

After work this evening, I wrapped up around seven, I took some time to chill and just watching a few episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. I am over halfway through the second season now. It is still pretty good. It is sad that they only managed to make four seasons of it, though.

For dinner I made myself a batch of Pillbury Honey Butter Grands, which I love. This weekend is all me eating just whatever is in the house as I am trying to avoid having to go grocery shopping. I only have Paul’s truck here and I would prefer not to drive it more than I have to.

I switched to Adam Ruins Everything which I watched for a while until I went to bed.

It was a very quiet day. Alone in the house all day, and not a crazy busy day at work. I did manage to do some cleaning, but not a ton. But a slow process from where we are to a little cleaner than before.