February 1, 2019: Friday with Their Friends

Friday. This morning is the dollar days at Once Upon a Child. Dominica has had it on her calendar and had them text her this morning. So once up she and Paul took a trip there to go shopping. That took a few hours and Dominica came home with loads of new clothes for the girls. Major haul today and they should be set for a little while.

So I was just watching the girls and working this morning. The girls got the day off from school between Dominica needing to shop this morning and plans for going to see their friends in Addison this afternoon.

At twelve thirty, Paul and I had a meeting for a while with a vendor that we worked with earlier in the week.

After the meeting, I took the girls down to Addison to play with Isabella and Juancho. They stayed there until five thirty. It seemed like no time at all to me back at the house working. Seemed like barely an hour. But it was about three. Not a long afternoon, but they did just see them a week ago, at least. We are going to try to get together again this week as they need a lot more time together and are so upset whenever they have to leave. While they were over there they watched the Ninjago movie from Lego.

Dominica, Paul, and I watched some Star Trek: Voyager while eating dinner. Two episodes. Then I sneaked in a little Star Trek: Enterprise and when the girls were ready we all watched our evening’s planned event The Incredibles 2! This is a movie that I have been waiting many years to finally see, mostly because it took them so long to make it. One of my favourite movie franchises. Dominica, Liesl, Luciana, and I all watched it together. Not as good as the first movie, but still really good. It is free on Netflix now.

After our movie we watched some more Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. We only have three episodes left now before we have completed the series.