February 20, 2019: SGL Freedom

Wednesday. It is bright and sunny this morning, but still very cold, in the thirties. I had to jump out of bed this morning as the phone was ringing. Multiple customers with server issues this morning and I was the only person who could be reached. So my day started out with a bit of a panic, but I was able to get everyone fixed and back online in under an hour.

Today is my first day in over a year that I am able to start my SGL updates without having a backlog that I want to get to instead. SGL is all caught up as of around one in the morning yesterday and it feels great.

Had a good surprise meeting today, looks like a new client will be starting with us soon. Details to come soon, I hope.

Paul reports that he is really loving Medellin, Colombia. He sent tons of pictures. He’s been doing touristy things and meeting with locals. Really enjoying himself.

This evening Dominica and I watched some of Brooklyn Nine Nine, we are on the fifth season now. We had Internet issues tonight, though, so we watched something that we had at home Our Man Flint which we have not watched in so long.

After Dominica went to bed, Liesl and I finished watching Princess Mononoke that we had started last night. She really liked it. She is interested in watching Akira sometime. I have probably not seen that move in at least eighteen years, I would bet. I wonder if I have seen it since I started SGL. (A quick search on Akira tells me that I almost certainly have not.)