February 8, 2019: Hacked MSP, Friends Over, Clue with Kat

Friday. This morning started off a little slow but then I got called in to consult for a company in Salt Lake City that had been hit with ransomware because their MSP had been compromised and they needed guidance on what their MSP was now doing, how this happened, what could be done, etc. Which is funny, in a way, because I had just started a topic about how MSPs are the New Hacker Target on the same day that that MSP ended up getting compromised! Talk about timing.

So that kept me busy for several hours of the morning. This afternoon the girls’ friends Isabella and Juancho came over to play. I got to see them get dropped off but was leaving just as they arrived.

Then in the early afternoon I had to run up to Plano to deal with a telephone configuration change for a customer. I grabbed Taco Bell as I had not eating anything all day, on my way up there. I ended up being there longer than I had anticipated and didn’t leave to come back to the house till after five.

I got home maybe fifteen minutes before Stephanie arrived to pick up the kids. We all hung out for maybe half an hour or so before they want home. So the girls had a very fun day and were quite happen.

About an hour after that Kat came over to hang out. The girls have been wanting time to hang out with her themselves and she had promised them a night where there was time for them to hang with her too, so that was tonight’s plan. Paul and Dominica made salmon, green beans, and mashed potatoes for dinner.

We broke out Liesl’s Clue board game and played a round with Liesl, Luciana, Dominica, Kat, and me. The girls did really well and it turns out that they were able to help teach Dominica and Kat how to track things in the game and helped them take their game playing to an entirely new level as neither of them was aware of what made the game so challenging and how you were expected to be playing it (tracking “maybes” from other players and such to reason out what they had without seeing it directly.) Clue just became a way more complex game for them. Liesl and Luciana did an amazing job of tracking everything and knew almost everything that everyone had by the time that I had won.

After our board game, Liesl fired up Steam and shoed Kat her Clue video game, as well.