February 9, 2019: Luciana Completes Her First Hidden Object Game

Saturday. Today was a very chill day. This morning I did a small amount of work in the office, very little. Then there was lots of time to relax. I did some YouTube research on travel shows that are out there. I am trying to find the best ones that I can, both the best quality and those getting the best reach, to research what they are doing, what is out there, what are gaps in the market and so forth. Probably did that for an hour or so.

Then Dominica, Kat, and I watched the newly released third season of One Day at a Time for a while. Still a great show. So glad that it is still getting more seasons. And loved that two cast members of Brooklyn Nine Nine did appearances in the same episode.

Paul made blueberry pancakes for lunch. They were really good.

This evening for dinner I ran out to Taco Bell and picked up dinner for everyone. Right now, while they have the nacho fries that Luciana loves so much so she requests that we go all of the time, and Liesl is always down for Taco Bell so they are very happy.

Paul, Dominica, and Kat went out to go shoot pool this evening so it was just me and the girls hanging out. For a while, Liesl played her new video game Township that Kat plays on her phone. She played that for a couple of hours and is enjoying it. Luciana was in very much of a “hang out on her own” mood today and was in my room playing video games on Steam.

Luciana had started playing Darkness & Flame: Born of Fire, which Liesl played through just a couple of days ago and Luciana thought looked really good, last night. And she managed to make it to the end of the game, even the extended edition parts, tonight. Liesl did help her with a couple of puzzles, but pretty much she played it all on her own! As far as I know, this is the first HOPA game that Luciana has played from beginning to end. She tries a lot of games, but normally she either plays very simple games on her own, or plays less structured games like The Sims 4 or Slime Rancher. Playing a puzzle and story based game from beginning to end is something new.

While Liesl was gaming I continued watching Teresa on Netflix to practice my Spanish. It is Mexican and moves much faster than Colombian shows, but I am able to at least follow what is going on, even though I miss a ton. The overly dramatic acting and goofy plots make following along a little easier.

Liesl and I finished watching Carmen Sandiego first season on Netflix tonight. The first season is really good and they have set up a good plot arc to prepare us for the beginning of the second season. Can’t wait for that to come out.

Then Liesl and I watched Peter Rabbit on Netflix which was okay, I guess. Insanely goofy and not a style of movie that I like. But Liesl requested it and she likes that kind of movie. It wasn’t bad, it just was not very engaging. Not something that I ever need to watch again.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be doing LARPing with Rachel again in the afternoon. Then if all goes to plan she is coming over to continue working through the Harry Potter movie series with the girls.