April 10, 2019: Major Atrium Construction Underway

Wednesday. We went to air conditioning last night to be able to sleep and had to keep it on all day today. We have a hot week coming until it breaks with expected rain on Saturday. Today we hit eighty nine degrees!

First thing this morning Paul and Dominica started with painting of the outdoor furniture and painting in the atrium. That’s going to take a couple of days, there is a lot to do. But it was nearly all primed by the end of the day. They also got the old outdoor furniture prepped to be ready to spray paint once the wind dies down. This is the old furniture that used to be on our back patio and that we always used to sit on before we moved away. It was new then and in good shape and quite comfy. It lived under a roof so was well protected. When we moved away, the roof got ruined and so did the cushions. But the metal survived. I will always think of that furniture as the furniture that we sat on in 2011 when Dominica and I plotted our long two month back packing trip around Europe. We used to sit out there every weekend planning our adventures.

Lee and Alex are planning to come down to visit this weekend and will be staying for a few days. So we want to have the atrium all ready for them as we will be using it a lot while they are here. There is a lot to be done before then.

Another big gaming night with my girls. More Chaos on Deponia, Journey Down Chapter Two, & Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing. The last one we have around 125 hours into now! The girls have gotten so good at it. They are experts. We had a nice night together.