June 1, 2019: Emily’s Graduation Party

Saturday. I got to sleep in just a little this morning. Surprisingly I managed to get a real night of sleep on the air mattress with Dominica. Normally I struggle to sleep on that because it doesn’t breath. But my watch tells me that I got a good night’s sleep.

I’ve been doing a little DuoLingo and MangoLanguages practice to learn some Greek before we go. Boy is it hard, though!

I got up around nine which meant only about three hours before the party officially got started and we were outside with things more or less underway in about two. The sun was out in force today, but it was still super humid. So we were all incredibly hot outside. The pool proved to be super popular today. Paul and I both got pretty sunburnt. The girls had a blast in the pool, they were in easily eight hours! They got to meet Drew’s girlfriend’s daughter Sophie who is nine and they became good friends and she spent the night for her first ever sleepover which was really cool that they got to do. She was so excited for a slumber party.

We had a fun time, but it was super exhausting with all of the sun and heat. And we swam and ate way too much today.

Tomorrow Emily and I are heading to the beach in the morning to do a few hours of photo shooting for the vlog (that isn’t out yet.)

We were exhausted and went to bed pretty early tonight.