October 11, 2019: Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister

Friday. The weather has finally broken and it is nice and cool here in Dallas. Forty degrees today! And it rained all night, which is great. We have really been needing the rain. It hasn’t been a drought, but it has been extremely dry.

I spent most of my day on the phone working today. I really appreciate having a nice headset, it makes a huge difference.

This evening, Liesl, Luciana, and I played Nancy Drew and the Trail of the Twister. We started it and got maybe one and a half to two hours in, I would guess. So far it is looking like a pretty interesting one. We had tried another title that we were in the middle of but it had audio issues so we started this one instead.

So far, I think that Trail of the Twister is looking like it is going to be a lot of fun.