January 24, 2020: Starting Letterkenny & Picard

Friday. Up very early to do a large telephone roll out in Plano, Texas. A busy, but very good day. Paul went with me and we had a very smooth day.

Rachel and Forest came over around five thirty and we all watched some of the first season of Letterkenny which is a pretty funny Canadian sitcom that takes place not all that far from where I grew up near the Canadian border. Forest is really into the show and has been trying to convince all of us to watch it for a while.

Dominica and I watched a movie this evening after Rachel and Forest left. Rachel then came over later and we watched the first episode of Picard which just released last night on CBS. We paid for CBS All Access to get that and Star Trek Discovery.

Rachel and I stayed up after our Star Trek showing and watched more of Coupling. We are nearly to the end of season three.