January 8, 2020: First Time in Court as Plaintiff

Wednesday. I got up at eight, showered, showed Paul how to put in tickets and handle the phone, and got myself all ready to go to court this morning. It’s just the local justice of the peace, but it is my first time dealing with taking someone to court in any capacity. I have been to traffic court, of course, many times and I once was arrested and had to go to court for owning fireworks, but that felt like traffic court and traffic stuff was going on at the same time. This was a “real” court with a plaintiff, defendants, evidence, etc.

I got to the court a little early, but the lawyer for the defense was already there waiting. I checked in and waiting probably twenty minutes before we got started. It was all very easy. Just three of us, me and two defendants (the towing company owner and the apartment complex’ lawyer.) It all went very smoothly. The defendants had a lot of documentation, but none of it mattered because I had a copy of the instructions given out at the time which I followed exactly. The judge looked at that and pretty much shrugged and ruled in my favour. I didn’t win a ton, but I got back my towing fee and the court costs. The towing company had to waste their owner’s whole morning, paid a lawyer for the session, lost the chance to actually tow someone, and had to probably pay around a hundred dollars to perform the tow since it tied up a tow truck for probably two hours of the truck and driver’s time, plus the fuel. All in all, I bet this was an $800 – $1,000 loss for them, at a minimum.

A good start to the day. I went straight back home and took over in the office. Very busy day as so many people are out sick. We had to put Paul on the phones to help out.

The girls are back to school today. They were going to get to it on Monday, but with it being Epiphany and their cousins being off and then the fence disaster that didn’t work. Yesterday they started school, but it was pretty light. Today was more of a full day of school.

Once in the office I was pretty busy. First supporting the normal ticket work loads, but then on several calls that took four or five hours. Super busy day overall. But our meetings went great today. So a very good day in every regard.

I wrapped up my “normal” work day at six thirty. Paul made his famous grilled salmon tonight. We had that for dinner and I managed to watch most of an episode with Paul and Dominica before I had to run back to the office to work with Jeremy.

Jeremy and I had our evening meeting only until eight tonight, mostly going over a recap of today’s many hours of meetings. Then he had to go to bed early, and Paul and I ran to MicroCenter to pick up some stuff that I needed. They close at nine, so we had to be quick.

Today is Wednesday, so normally would be our second D&D night of the week (I need to get us to reduce this to just once a week, doing it twice is burning me out), but Kat forgot about it until it was a little late and with how busy I’ve been we just decided that we needed to cancel for tonight.

This is my first trip ever (that I remember) to a MicroCenter. It’s really nice and we found the Raspberry Pi 4B kit that I needed. We also found an Electronic Playground educational kit that I’ve wanted to get for the girls for a long time. It is supposed to be for ages ten and up, but I think that Luciana is old enough for it now. It’s a small kit, but enough to get started.

I got home and showed the new electronics learning kit to the girls. Liesl was mostly indifferent, but Luciana was super excited and immediately asked if she could open it up and try it out. So I brought her into my office and set her up at the second desk and she got straight into it.

Luciana totally loves the electronics kit. She started so quickly and did it so fast. She was so excited when the first light lit up. Her first experiment being to make a simple light with a switch. Then she made a dimmable light, and at this she exclaimed “Oh, is this how the dimmer on the wall works?”

She went right from project to project, so excited. This is great, we are having some real fun together. I’m able to sit at my desk and work, while she’s learning like crazy and really enjoying it. And I’m back to answer her questions and explain what is happening really quickly. She said “This is so fun. I wish school was like this.” Well kid, this kind of is school, surprise!