February 18, 2001: Traveling Back to Ithaca

This morning was a “recovery” morning after a late night of partying last night at O’Laughlin’s in the Bay Dale Plaza in Arnold, Maryland.  Andy had a really rough night. Andy, Bob and I crashed at John Nicklin’s condo in Arnold last night.  Today we have to drive back up to Ithaca, New York (about […]

February 17, 2001: Bar Fun in Washington

Today was our big “data centre” upgrade day. Andrew West and Bob Winans drove down to Washington, D.C. with me last night. This was Bob’s first trip to Washington to see where Andy and I have been working for the past year. Our project for this weekend was to work on a system upgrade for […]

December 31, 2000: The Big New Year’s Eve Party

Tonight is the big New Year’s Eve Party!  This is the party that Sheep Guarding Llama was originally created to announce.  Strangely, I didn’t update the site with any information about the party tonight until a full seven years later!  (Post created on December 28, 2007.) Andy, Bob, Nate and I are all living in […]