May 8, 2002

What a week it has been. I am totally exhausted. To make it even better, something has come up in DC and I am heading off to Baltimore this evening. I will be working in DC tomorrow and then flying into Rochester later in the evening. Min is stuck in Rochester for the day without […]

May 6, 2002

Dominica and I are playing substitute parents today to Madeline and Emily. We have them all day to ourselves. Let me tell you, I am not cut out to have kids. They are too much for me. I discovered today that I am not able to feed an infant. Lots of television, that is what […]

May 4, 2002

My first actual day in Texas. This is my first time seeing Texas in the daylight. Dominica and I spent most of the day catching up on some sleep that we needed after traveling all day yesterday. Dominica and Francesca spent the afternoon catching up while Bennie and I went out to he bar and […]