Why AppleTV is Great for Kids

Television and computers have long been challenges for children. We want to give them television and Internet access in their bedrooms but from a very early age this is, obviously, problematic. Having spent some time about the mode in which the AppleTV operates I believe that this may be a really great solution to this […]

Utilities Are Localized Monopolies

As a technology worker I suppose that I am exposed to the issues of utilities and localized monopolies much more often than the average person is. I am always surprised when I come across someone who is not aware that their utilities and infrastructure services are, by their very definition, monopolies within their local area. […]

Are You Vista Capable?

Following my last article on Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system and its review from the New York Times I felt that I should provide my own insight into the state of Windows Vista. I have been using Windows Vista for almost a year now. I am an IT professional and an early adopter of most […]

NY Times vs. MS Windows Vista

People often wonder why I am so adamantly opposed to the established journalistic media outlets. Often people will claim that some papers, such as the “illustrious” New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, are exceptions to the continuing trend of soft journalism. But I contend that these two papers may actually be some of […]

CPUs, Cores and Threads: How Many Processors Do I Have?

In my job role I am very often called upon to determine how many “processors” a machine has or how many we will need for a specific task. Ten years ago this was a simple process but today even the very concept of the “processor” is fuzzy at best and only a very few people […]