March 2, 2002

Flag of BelgiumThere is yet another Anne update available. I am so slow at putting them up that there is another one the day after I got the last one up. Sorry about that, I will try to do better.

Dominica is studying web design now. She is also complaining that I don’t mention her enough on the site. She is wearing a really bright green fleece today. It is made out of recycled bottle caps or something. Pretty crunchy if you ask me. Dominica Dominica Dominica Dominica Dominica. I hope she feels better now:) She and I had dinner at Taco Bell today. The concert was really good last night. Neil Diamond still knows how to put on a show.

Canadian FlagMiranda is up down from North Bay and brought cookies with her. Dominica says that she makes the best cookies. Ihad one last time but I am not much of an oatmeal cookie fan. This time they are double chocolate chip so I dare not eat one or I will be addicted.

February 28, 2002

It is so nice being home. But then nothing much happens when I am home so the site is kind of boring (at least it is better than getting nothing when I am always away.) It is the beginning of the Llama birthday season – everyone remember to send out your electronic greeting cards. Scott, Eric, Nate and Josh are the first up for the season.

Tomorrow, Dominica and I are going to go see Neil Diamond at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester tomorrow evening. We are very excited. That is going to be a really cool concert.

The market must be looking up today. Loopy got called about two job leads, got four hours of at home contract work and I got a call about a contract next week in Syracuse. Considering that I am not actively searching for anything, that is pretty amazing. I even got a call out of the blue from another recruiter last week. So things are looking good in general if I can sense anything from here.

I actually had the chance to talk to Anne online today for the first time in months. She is doing well. In addition to getting to talk to Anne, update number eleven from her is posted as well. There is a funny story connected with talking to Anne but I will save that for tomorrow’s posting (now you are all hooked. Just can’t wait till tomorrow can you.) Remember, tomorrow is March 1, not February 29.

I am back to doing restaurant reviews in Ithaca as well for Ithaca Portal. There are eleven (today’s episode of Sheep Guarding Llama is brought to you by the number eleven.) reviews there now. Not all that many but it is a start. Someday there will be a ton of them.

Canadian FlagMiranda is coming up to visit us (ok, coming up to visit Loopy) tomorrow all the way from North Bay, a whole seven hours away. Natalie is not visiting us as she is too busy sun bathing in Florida. Hopefully Miranda will remember to bring pictures with her to put up on the web site!

February 26, 2002

Don’t get excited but this is two updates in a row. It is so nice to be at home again. I miss my house. I miss my bed. Most of all I miss my computer:) I hate having to work on a laptop.

At least while I have been away I have had a chance to pick up a lot of great movies on DVD! My collection is really doing well.

I got to have birthday dinner last night at Banfi’s at the Statler Hotel here in Ithaca. What a great place. has actually had some work done to it over the last day. I am glad to say that it is finally updated, as well as this site. It really needed it. It looks better too.

Trillian .725 is out now and it allows you to, once again, connect to AOL Instant Messenger. I am sure that they will try to block us again shortly but for now we are back online.

February 25, 2002: Scott Turns 26

Yes, updates are really coming. And… today is my big 26th birthday. I just made it home today so don’t complain about me not putting updates up yet. I am working on it, trust me. Dominica and I are going to Banfi’s at the Statler Hotel for dinner. I am very excited.

After fifty hours of John working on his computer and another five hours of me working on it, we finally have audio functioning on John’s computer that he built (similar to the ones that Josh and I are building.) It turned out to be an operating system problem (Win2K) and not a problem with the hardware that we were working with so that was a relief. But boy was that a lot of work. We also got TV tuning working on Dominica’s computer.

Last week, Loopy, Bob and I finally got the chance to play our first game of Quake II this year! It was a lot of fun but we are terribly out of shape. We just aren’t as good as we used to be. It was fun though, I miss our regular gaming sessions. I am hoping to convince everyone to play some AoE2 tonight but I doubt that that will really happen. We all have too much to do. Check out more Llama content in our 2001 Archives. (The archives as such no longer exist as the site was migrated to WordPress.)