October 14, 2002: Columbus Day

Little Canadian FlagHappy Columbus Day to all of our US readers and Happy Thankgiving to all of our Canadian ones!

Well, we are back online today. I have approximately 200 emails stored up that I have to go through today. What a pain. Almost all of it is SPAM! It is such a relief to be online again. You have no idea how disconnected we all feel when we have no access for so long. No email, no news. It is awful. We don’t know what to do. It is especially bad when we can’t play some video games because we need patches that we don’t have!

The Blender is now free. Blender is big time 3D rendering software. It is available at www.blender.org.

Today is going to be short because I want to post after having been down for so long. Look for more news tomorrow.

October 13, 2002

When you have no Internet access and no one is home, the house is pretty quiet. Plus it is overcast and drizzly outside adding to the whole effect. For those of you following the site everyday, you probably noticed that I posted the last three days all at once. That is because I have to dial-up to get online and it is a pain to get any work done that way so updates are being written and trasfered to the site in bulk. The next level cable technician is due out here tomorrow to work on the line so there is a chance that our service will be back up and running tomorrow (but don’t count on it.) They have known about the problem since we first moved into the house and it has always been an issue and they have never managed to really deal with it so it is unlikely that they will have much luck tomorrow but we remain hopeful. Since there are no other options for high speed Internet access out here in the sticks (no, ADSL from Verizon does not stretch this far out – nor does SDSL from Clarity – and neither does wireless make it this low on the hill!!) So, we are pretty much stuck with the current situation until we move next summer.

October 12, 2002: Dan’s Wedding in Herkimer

Dominica and I hit the road early this morning and headed out to Herkimer. We managed to get there about 9:45 and I practiced with the trombone choir for a little bit before the wedding. I am sounding surprisingly not bad after all of this time not having been playing. The choir sounded pretty good. We had three tenor and two bass trombones. It has been a long time since I had the chance to play in a trombone group like that.

After the wedding, Min and I went to her parent’s house, just five minutes up the road. We did a bunch of laundry and watched a lot of television. It is about the only time that I see tv is when I am out there. So we watched the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet all day.

Loopy stayed at home today waiting for the cable technician to come out to our house to see what was wrong with the cable. They did actually come out this time and the girl managed to discover some problems with the line between our house and the outside cable connection at the road. Of course, she played with our lines in the house and took away one of our splitters and did some rewiring so now we have to Road Runner Hish Speed Onlin OR cable television. But, she said that we would be getting reimbursed for the days that we were without service and since no one is home that watches any television anyway, it isn’t all that bad (although we are REALLY missing the Internet connection considering how long we have been without it.)

Loopy took the opportunity to play some Age of Empires 2 and has managed to beat it on hard. That makes three of us now that are all around the same level. Min started playing moderate today (the level above standard) so she is getting a bit better now too. Pretty soon, they will be able to beat me again.

October 11, 2002: Dan’s Wedding Rehearsal

I spent some time on the phone with Time-Warner again today and finally got them to agree to come out (and I made them promise to call this time to be sure that they couldn’t say that we weren’t home again) and so they scheduled a visit for tomorrow. Of course, I can’t be here tomorrow so Loopy is going to have to get up early to deal with them.

The guys (Nate, Bob and Zach) all took off today and I have no idea where they have gone. They all have Monday off (Columbus Day, the world’s dumbest holiday) and so have probably gone to visit people for the weekend. Nate is probably in Perry and Bob is probably in Long Island. Zach could be anywhere – but wherever he is, he doesn’t have his car. It is still here.

I had to drive out to Herkimer today to practice for Captain Dan (Waltermire)’s wedding. He is getting married tomorrow at the Reform Church in Herkimer and I am playing in the trombone choir for his wedding. Dan and I spent some time going to school at Roberts Wesleyan together back in ’95 – ’96 (along with Joe Howlett and Bob Crissman – aka Montana Bob.) We all played in the Roberts Concert Band together (that was the only class that I took there.) Bob isn’t playing at the wedding because he is in the wedding party. Josh can’t make it to the wedding because he has to run rehearsal for Bob’s marching band down in Binghamton.

October 10, 2002: No Internet Access Again

Time – Warner managed to mess up their network, again, and so we have no Internet access today. So I don’t know how long this will last. It has alread been a few hours now that I am writing this and will probably take a lot longer than that.

I have my good trombone out after a very long time (years) of having only played my cheap marching horn. It is nice to have a chance to play my good horn again. I haven’t had much call to pull it out since I left MCC back in 1998! It is possible that I haven’t had the horn out since that time but that might be stretching it a bit. I know that I didn’t play at all in 1998 or 1999 on it because of my appendix. So it is possible to have been that long. Wow, that is a long time. I used to play it everyday. It is like an old friend that I haven’t had an opportunity to visit in a really long time (ok, Leanne, I know, I know! 🙂