November 21, 2002

Today I am working in Binghamton for US Senator Schumer’s office. Nothing exciting, just bland tech work but the pay is good and the environment is extremely casual. I had a pretty good time working there. The Federal Building in Binghamton is right next door to the Lost Dog Cafe so I went there to get some lunch. It was really good.

The day would have been a lot less stressful if so many problems weren’t erupting all over the place with our Waste Watcher system. I ended up having a really busy day dealing with that.

November 20, 2002

Another day with Time Warner Cable / Road Runner and no service. Heaven only knows what is wrong today. We have had so many problems recently that I don’t know what to expect at all with them. We have had everything from shutoffs due to billing mistakes to glitches in the system to just the network going down and a bad local connection. They are terribly incompetent and won’t even let you explain what is wrong over the phone without torturing you with stupid questions so I have pretty much given up on that line altogether. Just play stupid and act busy and they will probably leave you alone.

Hey, everyone go on out to Epitaph and vote a “5” for the song “Lost and Found” by Unlisted Side Effects. U.S.E. is Dominica’s brother Joe’s band from Frankfort and they are currently at the top of the list at Epitaph but we need everyone to vote to keep them up there. They started lower on the list today and have worked their way up throughout the day. Whoo-hoo. Unlisted Side Effects is about to become the newest member of the SGL family as their new website has been pointed to our servers and should be up in the next couple of days. I will post the link when they are up. We will also let you know how you can buy the latest album from U.S.E. that just went on sale two weeks ago.

I am (supposedly) working for the Senate in Binghamton tomorrow. This job has been postponed I don’t know how many times and this is the closest that I have gotten to it without being told that it would be cancelled (well, except for the first time when they had me show up and then told me it had been cancelled after I had waited around for a little while.)

Loopy is on the road to Georgia today. He has a lot of driving to do and he should be back home sometime tomorrow or Friday. It is hard to say. The trip is 12-16 hours each way and he is going to take a nap at the Sun Suites in Cumming, GA before heading back. He was going to borrow a couple books on CD from me to listen to on the way down but I don’t really notice any of them missing so he can’t have more than three hours or so of stuff to listen to with him. That will really suck. I always listen to 8-10 hours of books on just one leg of a trip like that.

Road Runner came back up after not too long and I am able to upload again. Thank goodness. A day without Internet access is agonizing.

November 19, 2002

I spent the day working on my Internet radio station. It is working for the most part but I am still having a couple of basic problems that I want to get fixed. It should be working soon, though.

I went out and bought a Compact Flash memory card for my Zaurus today and the store under rang it by $20 which is pretty cool. I was very happy about that. It was expensive enough as it was. Now I have a handheld computer with 192MB of memory. That is more than most people’s laptops that I know! I am going to try encoding a book on CD and seeing how much I can get onto it. I bet that I can get a lot – maybe five hours worth. That would be really handy to have. I have been trying out all kinds of new software on my Zaurus. I am finding a lot of stuff that I really like.

Min and I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tonight at Pyramid Mall. I was pretty disgusted with the last movie (because it totally ruined the book) but this one was quite a bit better. The kids are definitely growing up and becoming more mature and Richard Harris does a much better job as Dumbledore than he did in the last installment (of course, he has now passed away and they don’t have a replacement for him yet.) The overall flow of the movie was improved some although it still feels like a race from one action sequence to another. The books take their time (as books can) but the movie is way too fast. It is almost uncomfortable to watch because of the poor pacing. It is so fast that the pacing alone can be confusing. But overall, it is better than the Sorceror’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone for our Canadian Contingency.)

Emily stopped by to visit this evening as well. I haven’t seen Emily in a year and she brought the baby by whom I have not seen at all yet. Min came home just in time to see the baby and get “baby fever”. Hopefully that will pass soon. I think Emily has found herself a babysitter, though!

November 18, 2002

Very little happened today. I spent most of the day getting the Internet radio station working better and better. We still aren’t there yet but we have gotten a lot closer. Every little project that I do like this teaches me so much about Linux. This radio station is going to be pretty cool once I get it working. Hopefully I will have something broadcasting something somewhat worthwhile before Eric and I head on down to Washington on Sunday night. It would be nice to be able to show off the station down there and listen to it for myself to see how it is working.

November 17, 2002

Little Canadian FlagToday is the parade. Joe and I drank WAY too much last night and had a terrible time this morning. I will leave out the gory details but you can email me if you haven’t heard. Anyway, Natalie managed to meet up with us pretty early in the morning for breakfast (in which I declined to participate) and then we all got ready to march. The parade went well even though we marched in driving snow. In was very comfortable temperature wise and I thought that it was really nice to be able to march a parade without sweating terribly.

After the parade we made the long journey home and then I drove back to Ithaca (two more hours.) It was a long day but the parade went well and I felt really good after playing.