October 25, 2002: Actor Richard Harris Dies

I finished building out new SAMBA server replacing our old Windows NT Server Gordon today. Gordon should be totally phased out of service sometime on Monday.

Actor Richard Harris dies today leaving five Harry Potter movies unfinished. It will be interesting to see who they get to replace him. The story goes that he turned down the role originally but he decided to take it because his granddaughter contacted him and told him she wouldn’t love him anymore if he didn’t take the part. So he did.

Last night, Min, Loop and I watched In Like Flint but it was pretty awful. The story line made no sense and the whole thing was pretty roughly put together. I wouldn’t suggest it to any but the most die hard Austin Powers fans.

Min and Loop finally succeeded in beating me in Age of Empires 2 tonight. We have played a number of 2 on 1 games and this is the first time that I have been defeated by two people. Eric is still the only person to have beaten me in a one on one match. Age of Mythology (AoE3) is due in stores on November 1. We have high hopes but low expectations. Microsoft has a pretty good track record with keeping careful watch over video games that bear their name but the premiss and some of the ideas in AoM seem pretty cheesy. But the screen shots look pretty amazing. We will see.

Min and I will be traveling to Ottawa over the weekend so don’t look for updates or to get a hold of us. I will also be working overnight Monday night in Syracuse so I will be pretty hard to track down on Monday as well. Tuesday I have a meeting with Eric.

Our reigning Llama of the Month contacted me today to tell me that she had been unaware of her appointment to such an esteemed position because she is currently without a computer and hasn’t been able to get online.

October 24, 2002

I have fallen a bit behind in getting the updates posted but they are all up now. Finally. I am working at home today trying to get a SAMBA server running on Linux so that we don’t need to have a Windows NT server in the house. I am making good progress and hopefully quite soon we will be using it full time. Then I am going to be selling off the old Windows NT server because it just isn’t enough for us anymore. We have become more demanding and the Linux machine just makes a lot more sense.

Loopy is still hard at work on the secret new project that he has been working on. He has been working on it for two weeks or more now. This is one of the longest stretches that he has ever put into a single project of this nature.

Little Canadian FlagMiranda is due to arrive here in just over a week. We don’t know how long she will be staying but at least a week, I am sure.

I have new software for my Zaurus that allows me to use it to play Ogg Vorbis files and now to listen to streaming Internet radio. I am hoping that I get a chance to try out this new software today, I have had then for almost a week now and haven’t had a chance to try them out yet.

Dominica wants a rematch on Age of Empires tonight. I think that I am up to it. She came home from work and started playing Tropico. I think that she has played more of that game than I have by now.

October 23, 2002

Sara came over after work today and she, Min, Loopy and I went to A1 in Dryden for dinner. I haven’t been there for quite a while but it is a really nice place. They are always busy. They are definetly a popular place for such a small town.

Little Canadian FlagDominica and I are going to be heading up to Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday morning to get away for the weekend. She has never been to Ottawa and I haven’t been there for a long time. Ottawa is a really awesome city and we are going to be there very close to the peak season for the leaves but out of the normal tourist season so it shouldn’t be too busy. Ottawa is a great town and hopefully they will still have the Cows Ice Cream store. It is the nearest one to Ithaca and I am looking forward to getting some Cows Ice Cream. I have added a new link to the links page that takes you to the official website of Cows of PEI so that you can see their really cool merchandise. I have a couple of Cows T-Shirts. One or two from PEI from back in 1992 and a newer one that my mom got me from the Ottawa location a lot more recently.

Nate’s girlfriend and her daughter are coming out to Ithaca to visit this weekend. This will be Tammy’s first time out to the Llama house and her first time being exposed to all of the weirdness here (Tammy knows me but no one else in the house.)

October 22, 2002

I am starting to fall behind on the page a little bit. It seems like it has been a busy week but I don’t think that it really has been all that much.

Eric and I had a meeting in Corning today but some mess up occurred and we ended up not having the meeting. That was a lot of effort for nothing. We weren’t really planning on having anything happen at the meeting but it would have been nice to not have wasted the time for nothing. Eric and I are heading down to Washington, DC the first full week in November. It will be the most time that Eric has ever spent down there. At least Eric and I had a good time driving around Corning. I haven’t been there in years and he has never been there at all before. It really is an attractive town with a lot of interesting stuff going on.