Wow, what a day the site had yesterday. I think that this may be the single busiest twenty four hour period ever on the site. Not only have we been having high traffic levels (everyone under the sun has been contacting me about the site) but also we have a lot of new content added and problems resolved. We managed to fix that stupid Javascript error, found some spelling errors, added to the list of What?!? movies, added new poetry and funnies and added the new Links section. And on top of all of that, we are having our sixth straight day of updates to the site, doubling our previous record. I know that you are all impressed. Not only are there updates coming on a regular basis, but the updates are big ones too! Still no new “Letter to the Editor” since Christmas, I suggest that everyone bug Tim about getting some new material in.

Dominica cooked for us again last night. Nate and I were expecting to be out of town but we ended up staying so we got to eat here. It has become quite the dining experience here. Dominica has announced her intentions of competing with Josh as the head Pseudo Llama. So Josh is coming here tomorrow so that they can battle it out (or something like that.) Anyway, we had a combo dinner of Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage and Boca Fake Veggie Sausage. It was interesting.

I am beginning to think of writing the dailies for this site as kind of like being a morning radio talk show guy. I write things that people read during the day and I can’t hear anyone but I am writing all alone and can’t see anyone reading them. It is kind of weird. I only have things going on in my life to write about so it is kind of boring but on the other hand, I am sure that that makes it kind of morbidly interesting. It is official, I have called you all morbid. But don’t get me wrong, I love having people come and read the site. I can’t believe how popular we are becoming. I just hope that we didn’t lose our large Elmira Heights contingency during our downtime and name change. I am sure that a lot of people thought that we had gone down for good.

Today we are instigating a new thing. The Nate quote. The quote today is “That couch is as close to black as you can get… …while still being blue.” We thought that that was pretty weird. I would also like to quote him as saying “Clashed Out Loud.” I don’t even know what that means!

I am having a weird problem with the site on my computer. When I refresh the page using F5 (I am using Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1) sometimes the navigational bar on the left shows up as white for a really long time. Is anyone else having that problem?

I am very impressed by the number of people that are coming to the site on a regular basis! I have never gotten so much email about the site before. This is very encouraging.

Last night we tried to head out to Collegetown for some karaoke but we were told the wrong night and ended up just getting pizza at the Nine’s and heading home. This Saturday night, though, is Margaritaville in Slayterville at the Crooked Board so everyone should come out and join the Llamas at our regular place for some karaoke (Sat. the 28th.)

My foot is feeling a lot better and Dominica’s migraine has subsided so we are all doing much better over here. Loopy bought a new Game Boy Advance last night and it is pretty cool. Nate and Josh are marching the Hilton Parade tonight, I would like to go but I don’t think marching on my foot would be the best of ideas. Our friends, Bob and Heather, are moving back to New York from Montana this weekend and Josh will be helping them to move into their new place in Binghamton. I was planning on spending part of the weekend at Josh’s and he had planned on spending part of it here. Oops 🙂

For anyone who uses Opera to look at our site … Opera 5.12 has been released so you can go and update to the latest version at their web site. We are big Opera supporters here. Opera is a free web browser that is very nice to use and blazing fast. Opera can be downloaded for free from

BTW, five days of updates! Whoo-hoo.

Dominica is determined to be the official cook of the house, I guess, and so she is cooking for Loopy again tonight. Nate and I will be out of town and so do not get cooked for again. She is still giving me a hard time for mentioning my broken toe and not her migraine!

Major site work done today! Josh pointed out to me that there was a number of pages that had a Language=Javascript header on some browsers. So, that has been taken care of now. So have some other little things. You may notice that some pages have changed. The weird expanding text for links should all be gone now.

I have been reprimanded by Cara for mentioning Dominica’s cooking for us and not mentioning that a few months ago Cara came over and cooked for the entire Llama household so here I am, mentioning it now. Thanks Cara, we loved it. I was also reprimanded for mentioning my broken toe and not mentioning that Dominica had a crippling migraine on Monday night after cooking for Loopy. I am at least happy to see that people are really reading the site often enough to yell at me about things on it -}

My toe is doing better, I can walk again today instead of the hobbling that I did yesterday. I had to go to the dentist yesterday and they told me that I have to have all of my wisdom teeth out. I am not looking forward to that. Tonight, Nate, Dominica and I are heading over to Collegetown for a little Karaoke. That is always a dangerous proposition. We are coming up on the six month anniversary of our site. We started posting regularly sometime around January or February. Our archives only go back to Feb, 19 but I know that we were up a little bit longer than that.

If anyone is looking for the ultimate in bizarre video game experiences, you HAVE to check out Nintendo’s old SNES title Earthbound (or Mother 2 as it was known in Japan.) This game is totally wacky. It is an RPG/Adventure mix that is completely off of the wall. There was a game called Mother made in Japan and sometimes called Earthbound 0 in the US that is very, very hard to find anything about but there are people who can find the ROM burns of it. There was going to be a sequel made for the N64 but it never got finished and there are rumors about it going to the GB Advance but that doesn’t look very promising. If you can, find an SNES or a SNES emulator and check out this awesome game. It is well worth your time. Josh and I both played and beat the game and thought that it was totally cool. You can find some real hardcore fanatics for the game still lurking around around

Four contiguous days of updates now, I think that this might be a record or something! Actually, I just looked it up, it is a record. Wow, we are pretty cool now.

So, I am the big dummy who managed to walk into a chair last night and break a toe or two. Yes, that would be me. Yes, I am in a little bit of pain. Ouch. So, now I am stuck in my room for the most part and will definitely have some time to update the site -}

Nate and I had a lot of fun touring the house yesterday, it is really nice. We are hoping that we can find some way to get it but it isn’t very likely. We are also very excited that our vanity plates have arrived for our RX-7 so we will have them mounted very soon so you can look for us around town.

Dominica came over last night and cooked dinner for Loopy. I think that that may have been the first actual cooked dinner in this house (other than microwave TV dinners, boxed Mac & Cheese, pizzas, etc.) since we moved in here. I was very impressed.

If anyone is following along with the video games that we are playing over here, Loopy is currently playing Black and White and it is pretty hilarious. What a weird idea for a game. I am playing the original Dragon Warrior on the Game Boy Color. I am all about retro gaming. I have some box sets of some pretty classic stuff like the Bard Tale Collection and the original SSI Dungeons and Dragons RPG’s. I am looking to find Deja Vu I & II on the Game Boy Color soon. Deja Vu I is one of my all time classic video games back from my Commodore Amiga 1000 days (yes, 16-bit gaming!) If you are into these retro games, you have to check out the Bard’s Tale, Deja Vu, the Faery Tale Adventure and King’s Quest I – IV. These are some of the greatest games of all time.

There is actually some new content on the site today. Look in our pics section to see some new pictures of the Llamas. I know that all of you dedicated Llama readers are totally excited. Today, Nate and I are going to tour a house that we are very interested in. We are very excited about that. The RX-7 is in the shop again for an indefinite amount of time so we need something keep us occupied.