November 29, 2001

The Mazda PR5 that I have had on order since August is now in the shop. I am really excited but all I am going to do is pick it up on Saturday morning and drive it straight to my parent’s house and winterize it. So 50 miles tops with it. How depressing. The RX-7 is still in the shop and it is never getting fixed, I fear. At least I got the PR5 that I wanted, 2002 Vivid Yellow, 5-Speed, Sunroof, CD & Cassette, all of the options. Costing a fortune but it is supposed to be pretty much a one of a kind deal since I am getting a demo that they don’t even know whether or not they are going to make.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a CD of the music played by Nate, Josh, Joe and I, I was told that you can find information on it at So check us out and pick up a copy of our CD! What a great Christmas gift for someone.

So, my friend Natalie, the blonde Canadian, told me that she has been showing our web site to her friends in Canada. Maybe we have managed to start a Canadian contingency to replace the Horseheads one that seems to have disappeared some time ago (at least they never email us anymore 🙁 ) I suppose that we will have to start including more Canadian friendly content like things spelled colour, theatre, blonde, etc. Or maybe have the site available in French, eh? If you would like to get a hold of Natalie and make fun of her for being Canadian, you can email her at (email address removed as inactive in 2005.) I am also trying to talk her into writing up a bio for us so that we can start our new Bio section that Anne (who is hiding from us in Belgium) suggested some time ago.

Notice that I moved everything older that November over to the archives page. The month of November takes more than three times as long as the entire year’s archive to download because of the pictures that we have started using so liberally. I guess that we figure that almost our entire audience is connecting using a high speed connection at this point and will be doing okay with our really cool content.

Loopy is now officially addicted to Age of Empires II. He is the fifth one to get addicted. He has been staying up until six in the morning the last two days playing it.

November 25, 2001: Scott Hates Computers

Today is another, “Scott hates computers” day. I spent the entire day attempting to install Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Red Hat 7.2 onto the same computer. What a pain. The Win98 sort of worked, the Red Hat was good to go and the Win2K was completely useless and killed the Win98 install in the process. So, I had to rethink my strategy and now the machine is going to be just Win98 and Red Hat. Plus I attempted a hard drive install yesterday that is driving me nuts and another one today that went much better. Altogether, though, about fifteen hours in the last two days and not very much to show for it. I did buy another computer desk today and that makes me happy. I also ordered six new computer books and that makes me happy too. Loopy and I finally convinced Dominica to switch to Linux instead of Win98 and so she is starting to make that transition (after reading Neil Stephenson – I think that he actually convinced her) and that is very cool. I will manage to convert everyone even if I have to do it one person at a time.

In addition to all of the problems that I have had at home (and Loopy too, his computer has intercepted two viruses in the last few days) some of you may have noticed that not all of the pages on our web site here are working properly. Some of the pages are displaying incorrectly all of a sudden so I am looking into that as well. Always something happening, just when you think that you finally have things under control.

If you were in Ithaca today, you would have seen some of the most beautiful and unusual weather ever. Sunset this evening was during a light rain with a heavy haze but the sun managed to squeeze some yellow and orange rays into the mist very brightly making for an amazing orange glow to the entire world. The view from my room out into the woods of Varna was really amazing. Loopy and I spent twenty minutes just looking at how cool it was.

Well, I hope that you are all enjoying your turkey leftovers. Nate and Bob are away in Rochester at a conference so all is quiet here in Ithaca. Loopy and I are pretty much left to our own geek devices. Ha ha. And our bad puns.

Well, it would appear that I have successfully managed to fix the errors on the web pages. They were, as Loopy expected, caused by poor code generation by Frontpage 2000. So I had to edit the pages by hand. I checked them all in Mozilla. If anyone notices any pages not working properly, let me know.

November 24, 2001

Well, yesterday was the biggest shopping day of the year so, as you can imagine, I was out shopping with everyone else. Normally I avoid shopping on the day after Thanksgiving but something compelled me to go out and shop yesterday. I did manage to find quite a number of video game bargains, though. I want to congratulate Microsoft on a decision that they made with Age of Empires I Gold Ed. It seems that if you purchase this game, you can install the game on any number of computers for use with multiplayer games as long as there is a purchased game CD for every three players. That means that three people in my house can play against each other online with only having bought one copy of the game. I thought that that was really nice. Plus the game was only $20 at EB anyway! I also managed to pick up the new game Nations at EB for only $10. I have been wanting to try that game out for a while. Eric and Dominica have both started playing AoE2 so we will be playing against each other very soon. Josh has promised to pick up a copy of the game this week.

So, AT&T has been calling the house so often that I finally just shut off all of the ringers on the phones here. No one ever calls for me and I am the only one home so I have stopped answering the phone. (So if you call here and only ever get the answering machine for the next week, you will know why.) I am pretty much home alone all week so I am (in Bob’s own words) “running around in everyone else’s rooms and farting on their clothes.”

I did manage to get quite a bit added to our Funny Email section, in fact, it is almost twice the size that it was before. Everything is expanding a little bit at a time.

November 22, 2001

Well, I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday. I know that a lot of people are out there eating turkey today and tomorrow yet. Hope that you can all handle all of the turkey. We had eleven people manage to show up for our seventh annual Llama Thanksgiving dinner at Nick Tahou’s. Emily managed to come in from Denver and Mandy came in from Albany and Dominica and I drove straight in from Ohio so there was some serious effort put into getting everyone there.

November 21, 2001

Ok, I am posting a day early but I have a lot of stuff done to the site that I wanted to let you know about since I posted yesterday. First of all, all of the pages have been updated to the new design and I think that all of the link problems have been eliminated. A number of the larger images have been modified so that they are not so large. This helps with how the site looks and it decreases the load times on some of these larger pages. For those of you with phone line connections, a single page on this site may take up to six minutes to load! And I understand that the site is not all that exciting. Make sure you check out our new video games section that now includes downloadable video games by our own house Loopy.

Canadian FlagMy friend Natalie in Canada informed me that she is from Burlington not Toronto and that that was like calling it Caledonia when it is Buffalo. I am not sure what she meant by that but we will go with it. I suppose it would be like confusing Burlington, Ontario with Burlington, Vermont. And you wouldn’t want to do that. That would be like confusing an sno-cone with Italian ice. Come to think of it, what is the difference between a sno-cone and Italian ice?

Happy Turkey Day everyone! I am signing off until after the festivities.