Sorry about the lack of updates, gang. I have been pretty busy over here trying to keep up with everything that has been going on. The car is in the shop again today. I was hoping to have it out yesterday but that didn’t work out so it is there again today. That is three days so far this week. And I have no way to get it today in case they are able to get it done. The new speakers are a big improvement over the old ones. We can actually hear the stereo now. The old ones had deteriorated into nothingness. The surrounds were completely gone. I will keep you updated on the car because this is getting to be so entertaining.

Nate has been out of town the last few days in Albany. I have to travel to Pittsburgh again tomorrow and Friday. Did you know that Pittsburgh is the most misspelled city name in the United States? Just so that you are all aware. It has an “H” on the end of it. The initials of the city are PGH.

While Nate was away I actually got the chance to play two games of golf on Monday. Loopy and I went out in the morning and shot nine holes and I was able to drop my game six strokes (only those of us who are SO bad can drop that many strokes in one game) and am now in the competing range with everyone around here so at least we are somewhat evenly matched. I made it out later on Monday with Dominica and shot seven holes and actually managed to shoot hole seven on par! I was very excited. On Sunday, Nate, Sara, Dominica and I were out at Wal-mart and I had purchased new golf clubs so that is really making a difference for me as well.

Eric, Amanda, Loopy, Sara, Dominica, Nate and I are going out golfing on Saturday morning. This should be interesting. We have three people that can kind of play. Two that have shot one game ever. And two that have never played. So, this will be fun!

Ok, I don’t have a lot of time to be doing an update today so that is about the end of it. I will talk to you Llamas later.

Only a quick update today. I am very busy and have to get back to work. Yesterday, someone managed to get the broken window of the Mazda part way down so now it does not go back up! So guess what… That is right. Nate and I had to make another appointment for the car and this time we are having the window fixed. What a pain. So the car was in the shop on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of this week and it is already scheduled for at least Monday and Tuesday of next week and it is unlikely that we will have it back any sooner than Wednesday or Thursday if we are lucky. How much time can any one car spend in the shop? And the car has always driven too. It isn’t like the car doesn’t move. It is just the silliest little things. We had it in the shop for an entire extra week at one point because the shop lost a part of the engine!

I am talking to both Josh and Sara on Yahoo! Messenger right now as I write today’s update so I am really working hard here. I can barely keep up with talkin’ to both of them as it is.

I finally got a day at home today. It is so nice to be home and to not have to go anywhere for an entire day. I did get a chance to have dinner with Bob at Ithaca’s new Bistro Q. It was a very nice place, we really enjoyed it. It sits right on the water and the atmosphere is nice.

I like the way that the fonts look so I think that they are going to stay. Keep tuned to see how the rest of the site begins to look as the fonts begin to spread onto the rest of the site.

Nate and I took the Mazda into the shop again today (just for a few hours) and we got the antenna fixed so that we can listen to the radio now. That makes the car a lot nicer. We have an appointment for the car next week to have four new speakers installed in the car. Eventually, the car won’t be in the shop anymore … ha ha. It will never not be in the shop.

Ok gang, you are never going to believe this but … we got the Mazda out of the shop and it is finally fixed! Nate and I are so happy. I drove the RX-7 down to Pittsburgh on Monday just to try it out. It is running great. [Jumping up and down.] Sorry that it has been so long since an update, I have been pretty busy.

We are trying out a new font sizing system for the site, so let us know what you think. It is a whole lot easier to read a whole lot more now, I hope.

Loopy, Dominica and I went out wine tasting on Sunday. That was a lot of fun. We went up the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail on the west side of the lake and managed to hit three wineries before it was too late in the day. I also managed to get out to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market for the first time this past weekend. They have some pretty cool stuff there, you should all go check it out. It is probably better to go on Saturday, though, because there are more vendors there.

Golf has been a main activity around here the past week. Bob, Tim, Nate and I actually got out and played a game of it on Thursday and we were able to make two additional trips out to the driving range as well in the past week. That is more than we ever do. Plus, we have a game scheduled for August 18th. So I am finally getting back into it. I hadn’t played a game of golf in eleven years, so I am pretty rusty.