Sheep Guarding Llama started life very simply in November of 2000 as a simple home page designed to provide information regarding my New Year’s Eve Party including the time and directions. Soon after the initial announcement the site began to become filled with ongoing updates about the goings on of the house which was, at that time, in Ithaca, New York.

Since its humble beginnings, Sheep Guarding Llama has become a full fledged identity web log following the life of me, Scott Alan Miller. The site has grown from a basic home page to an ASP and then ASP.NET managed hand coded web page to its current incarnation as a full featured, database driven content management based blog with associated Vlog and Podcast – handled by WordPress.

Quick Info About Scott Alan Miller:
Birthday: February 25, 1976
Born: Northside Hospital (now Rochester General Hospital) in Rochester, New York

Height: 5′ 9.5″

Has Resided: Rochester, NY (1976); Pavilion (Town of Covington), NY (1976-1994); Flint, Michigan (1994-1995); Covington, NY (1995-1998); Irondequoit, NY (1998); Greece, NY (1998-2000); Ithaca, NY (2000-2003) overlapping with Pittsburgh, PA (2000); Alexandria, VA (2000) and Arnold, MD (2001-2002); Geneseo, NY (2003-2006); North Brunswick, NJ (2006); Newark, NJ (2006-2008); Peekskill, NY (2008-2009); Irving, TX (2010); and Carrollton, TX (2010-.)


Hobbies: Photography, Model Railroading, Audiophilia, Classical Guitar (since 1983 until carpal tunnel issues prevented it in 1999 – trying again now), Trombone, Blogging and Podcasting, Antique Computer Collecting, History – Especially Northern European.

Profession: Information Technology Professional in a wide range of capacities during career.

Other Work Experiences: Dishwasher (Station 42 Restaurant in Fowlerville, NY), Kitchen Worker (Nursing Home in Mt. Morris, NY), Hotel Auditor (Days Inn and three Wellesley Inns), Grocery Store Clerk, Newspaper Photographer (sports and covers), Crew Chief and Doughmaster (Pizza Hut), Manager (three Burger Kings).

Broken Bones: Left Ankle at age 10, Left Rib at age 10, Left Wrist at age 12 – all resulting in trips to the emergency room. Pretty sure that three or fours toes have been broken from time to time. Ring toe on left foot has permanent nerve damage. Nose broke in my mid 20’s.

Childhood Pets: Three Dogs (Nugget – Miniature Dachsund, Lady – Mutt, Buffer – Cocker Spaniel), Six Horses (all Morgans, Melody, Rex, Blaze, Cleo, Dusty and Dawn), Two Syrian Hamsters (Spunky and Spinky) and many cats far too numerous to begin to count but they included (Bootsy, R2 and her sister D2, White Nose, White Nose II, White Nose III, Beamer, Mr. B, etc. More than fifty in total over the years.)

Adult Pets: Hamster (Mr. Humphries – Died 2005), Dog (Oreo – Boston Terrier)

Professional Web Site and Online Resume: Scott Alan Miller dot com

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