TakeFlight Grand Tour 2 Ep 6: Crete, Greece – Beach Drinking, Cretan Folk Dancing, and a Green Huntsman Spider

Episode six of the footage that we shot while in Greece with Emily and Madeline Grice last summer is now up on YouTube. This is shot on June 22, 2019 on Kolatsos Beach at the ALmy Hotel, and then that night at the folk dancing demonstration at the Cretan Corner and then in our AirBnB house in Aptera on the Greek Island of Crete.

TakeFlight Grand Tour 2 Ep 5: Crete, Greece – Knossos & Psychro Cave (Cave of Zeus)

In the fifth installment of TakeFlight’s Grand Tour of Europe 2, we go back to the Ruins of Knossos where Dominica, Liesl, Luciana, and I visited in 2016, to tour it again with Madeline and Emily. It was hot and busy so we did not stay too long. Since we had driven to the east side of the island, we took the time to drive south into the mountains to visit the legendary cave of Zeus as well, officially known as the Psychro Cave.

TakeFlight Grand Tour 2 Ep 4: Crete, Greece – Ancient Aptera & Glyka Nera Beach

In our fourth episode we start off with Dominica, Emily, Madeline and I going to the nearby ruins of ancient Aptera to learn about the Minoan civilization that was there as well as later Greek and Roman and even Ottoman settlements. The girls discover their first amphitheater, as well.

Then the next morning, Emily, Madeline and I drive all of the way south across the island to the almost inaccessible Glyka Nera, or sweet-water, beach where ice and snow melting high in the White Mountains turns into an underground river and bubbles up through the rocks on the beach to flow into the Libyan Sea. We had quite the adventure as the girls had never done a real hike before and were not very prepared for the terrain or the exposure in the hot Greek summer.

TakeFlight Grand Tour 2 Ep 3: Crete, Greece – Heraklion, Aptera, Chania & Palaiochora

After being in Athens and Santorini, we bring the girls to the island of Crete where Dominica and I (and Liesl and Luciana) lived in 2016 and loved so much. We arrive first in the capital of Heraklion and then travel to our rental home in Aptera and we visit the city of Chania (Xania) and go south to the village of Palaiochora to hit our first beach on Crete.