May 29, 2019: Tornado Day

Wednesday. Today I am working in Tyler, Texas, which is two hours away from the house. So I have a bit of driving to do today. I had considered getting up super early to do the drive before rush hour, but I wanted to sleep so opted not to do that. It is a good […]

May 27, 2019: Travel Vlog Day

Monday. Today is Memorial Day and Monday. Kat is still here today, but going home this evening. We all made it a traveling vlogging marathon day. I started the day watching some Karl Watson and did probably two episodes (which are decently long) while doing some walking before everyone was up. Once everyone was up, […]

May 26, 2019: Oregon Trail

Sunday. We were all pretty knackered this morning after a late night of everyone hanging out last night. So a very slow start to the day. This morning I got to see how my watch measured my sleep last night. Very interesting stuff. Supposedly I sleep for just over two hours of deep sleep, and […]