After working in the Information Technology industry for thirteen years (you can learn more about my career by visiting I decided that it was time for me to begin writing my guide to working in the IT industry. I began my career in 1989. The IT industry is so diverse and exciting that few careers can compare to it. But for people looking to enter the field or to begin to advance their careers it can be a daunting prospect. Few tomes have been written to tackle this issue so I thought that I would step up to the plate.

Information Technology Basics:

Introduction to Careers in Information Technology
IT Career Paths
Testing the Waters

Breaking In (Getting Your Foot in the Door):

Friends and Family
Doing IT at Home
My Home Network
College and University – Degree Programs
College and University
Books and Periodicals
The Resume Method
Running Your Home Like a Business


Employment Types in the US: W2 and 1099

Career Growth:

Growing Organically

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