December 30, 2019: Star Wars Ruined for Me

Monday. Such a busy work day. This was one of those days when I get to my desk and I never, ever managed to get up at all. I never got to walk around, talk to anyone, go anywhere, even eat. It wasn’t bad, just so intense. There is so much to get done today and so many employees and clients that need me that I just never got a chance to get my head above water.

I worked non-stop from the moment that I woke up until around one thirty. Yes one thirty in the morning. With Dominica and the kids not here, I pretty much have to use every available moment to just work and work and work to get things out of the way.

Really late tonight, Rachel and her brother Paul came over to hang out, have some beer, watch The Mandalorian, and get some food. It was really super late when they came over. We hung out for a little while, then ran out to first Jack in the Box on Josey, but discovered that their line was not moving at all. We eventually gave up on Jack in the Box and went to Whataburger instead. We got way too much food. Rachel bought me dinner, which was two egg and cheese biscuits on the jalapeno bread. She also got cinnabon and onion rings for us to share. She and Paul got tons of food.

So that was my only meal for the entire day. Not a single bite of food otherwise. That makes the Whataburger food not so incredibly bad. The egg and cheese biscuits are 425 calories each, for 850 total. The onion rings are 450, but I only had half if that for 225. So that is 1075 of that food, plus the dessert. Their dessert is not on their menu, so really hard to figure out. If it is the same as Taco Bell’s similar item, and I expect that it might even be identical, then it’s a whopping 620 calories. For a grand daily total of 1695 plus a couple beers. So about 2,000. High, but not tragic.

We came home and thankfully I was able to talk them out of watching The Mandalorian which, after having seen some the other night, I really don’t enjoy watching. Paul kept saying that it was good, but he also had no interesting in seeing it again, which kind of says more about what he thinks of it than just saying that he liked it. Instead we watched the first episode of The Witcher which is my new favourite show. Everyone really liked it. One episode was enough, though. Paul was falling asleep. And Rachel is supposed to drive him down to Austin first thing in the morning so they need to get to bed so that they can get up and travel all day.

So nearly four in the morning when I finally got off to sleep. I got a ton of work done, though. I was able to keep running into the office while Rachel and Paul were here to keep migration projects moving along. So even my down time was pretty productive.

So at the end of the day, I’m feeling that every aspect of the Star Wars franchise has been so awful, even to the point of being offensive and mocking, I no longer have any interest in any of it. I’m done, I’m out. The original trilogy was so great, before it got “tweaked”. But everything that has come since then has been just terrible. Terribly written, terribly filmed, terribly acted. No redeeming qualities. And it just gets worse and worse and makes me upset and there is no reason for me to ever have to look at any of it again, I just to just accept that they’ve ruined that part of my childhood and move on because the more that I try to find a way to like it, the more upset I get and it’s just a crappy movie franchise that I don’t enjoy anymore, so who cares. Now, of course, stupid baby yoda is everywhere and every time I see that dumb puppet I like Star Wars even less.

December 29, 2019: Rewatching The Mandalorian with Rachel

Sunday. I started the day working for a few hours. Then, later in the day, Paul and I did some watching of documentaries together.

We watched some shows on extreme travel in Venezuela by Indigo Traveler. Paul doesn’t normally watch these YouTube shows with me, but he got into this one. We also watched a Netflix show on the Andes.

After our shows, I got back to work and worked a full day from mid-afternoon until around one in the morning. Just solid work. I am quite tired.

This evening Rachel came over and brought Taco Bell for dinner. She came over late and tried to get Taco Bueno on the well over, she got there fifteen minutes before they were supposed to close, but they were already turning people away. Taco Bell ran out of a some ingredients and were not able to do any of the food that I had requested, but she was able to get me something vegetarian at least.

She came over and put in some laundry and we watched three episodes of Disney’s The Mandalorian. I didn’t really like it the first time through, but it was okay. Seeing it now for a second time and I can honestly say that the show it terrible, poorly made, and just not good.

December 28, 2019: Busy Working Weekend Home with Just Paul & Mia

Saturday. Warm enough that the windows stayed open today. The day started with a light rain and it varied between light and moderate pretty much all day until the mid-evening. It is pretty quiet here with just Paul, Mia, and me.

This morning was a bit of work, couple of hours. Then Paul and I put on some TV and watched for several hours. We watched the movie The Lost City of Z which is a documentary, more or less, about early twentieth century exploration of the Amazon jungle.

We watched a few episodes of Fantasy Island which we found on Crackle. I’ve not seen that in a while. But you can only watch so much of that at one time. It really is a one episode at a time kind of show.

Paul ran out and did some shopping this evening.

I had to work intermittently here and there, but mostly I got to relax until around seven this evening when it was back to my desk for real work.

I worked until about two in the morning, then headed off to bed. Loads of good work done tonight, though.

December 27, 2019: Filing Court Papers Against the Predatory Towing Company

Friday. Second day home after having left the family down in Houston so that the kids can hang out with their cousins for the vacation week. This morning I got up and Paul and I set out straight away to go head out to the justice of the peace court here in Carrollton in jurisdiction six so that I could file against the predatory towing company and Rachel’s apartment complex for their illegal towing of my car. That actually went really well and was really simple. There was no line at all and the court people were really helpful and impressed with the huge amount of supporting evidence that I had to give them. So I got that done, paid my forty one dollars and we were off to deal with other things.

We stopped by the mechanic to look at Paul’s truck which is having problems running. They think that his fuel pump is failing, not his alternator.

I grabbed Taco Bueno on the way back to the house and stayed with Mia and worked all day. Paul went out to sell his truck today, but did not get an offer that he liked so he didn’t get to sell it today.

Today Valentina and I worked for many hours on coming up with awesome ways to track everyone’s time and think that we came up with great solutions. We trained a few people, too. I was on the phone so much today that I got a headache and couldn’t get fluids and what not.

Jeremy and I worked till around two in the morning. We are getting so much done. Going really well.

So today was a long one and really just a long work day.

December 26, 2019: Week Without the Family

Thursday. Paul and I came back up to Dallas last night and now we are home for over a week until Dominica and the girls come back up from Houston. Today turned into just a full day of work for me.

Dominica tells me that the Oculus Rift S system for VR that I set up last night is a massive hit with everyone and she spent the entire day managing the system and handling the queue of people trying to play. Apparently everyone wants to play Beat Saber and they are starting to understand how to use the system so that it works consistently.

Today was an all day work day. Not super busy, but solidly busy. That kept me very busy. Mia hung out with me a bit, I set up a chair just behind me in the office so that she can lay down just inches behind me.

Nothing much for me to report today. Just normal daytime work all day, and then working with Jeremy this evening until late.