October 12, 2017: Back Home in Dallas, Again

DuoLingo Streak: 40 Days

Thursday.  I’m still in Austin today so that I can meet with Spiceworks this afternoon.  I skipped breakfast this morning, sleeping in a bit.  I waited to shower and stuff until Tracy had gotten ready and headed off to the airport.  Then I got ready and Andrew picked me up and we drove out to Spiceworks headquarters and got lunch across the street while we waited for my meeting this afternoon.

We had lunch at a place called Jade.  I had shrimp fried rice, it was good.

We put in maybe two hours over at Spiceworks headquarters.  This is the first that I have seen of the new building.  “New” meaning over a year.  Not so many familiar faces any longer.  Several, but nothing like there used to be.

Scott at Spiceworks HQ

After Spiceworks it was time to drive back to Dallas.  We got on the road and were home in the early evening before dinner time.  Andrew came in and said “hi” and continued on home.

Andrew at Spiceworks HQ

Hung out with the family this evening.  Once the kids decided to do their own thing, Dominica and I started watching Blacklist.