October 11, 2017: Scale Boat

DuoLingo Streak: 39 Days

Last day of SpiceWorld 2017.  Tracy and I both felt awful this morning.  He is convinced that he came down with something as he did not feel like he drank that much last night (hint: he did.)  So maybe it is a combination of the alcohol and something going around.

I have nowhere that I need to be today, so I decided that the best option would be to get some serious rest and not puch myself.  Just no need.  My first real commitment of the day is the Scale Boat tour this evening at five thirty near the hotel.  Going to the convention center, which I’ve already seen everything there that I want to see, would just be walking away from where I need to be later.  So I decided to nap, shower, and chill at the hotel.

As often happens when I drink too much, my CPAP got slightly askew during the night (this causes the air to not blow quite right into my nose) and I get sinus irritation which leads to insane levels of sneezing which easily turns into sinucitis.

Andrew, who is my ride home tomorrow afternoon, got into town way too early and wanted to hang out, but I was resting for a while.  Finally around three we went to the “Yeti Bar”, which is a bar at the Yeti store across the street, for some drinks.  I kept to just water myself.  I’ve not seen Andrew in nearly a year.

From the bar I ran back to the hotel and bought Claritin, which I had not thought of earlier, and started feeling better very quickly.  Andrew and I walked to the river and were among the first few to be ready for the boat.

Another great year on the Scale Boat.  We had a nice ride with great weather, not too hot, for a change.

After the boat trip, we hit the hotel to freshen up, and then we walked to Touche for the evening.

Last Night at Touche with Jo, Hutch, Tracy & Scott

We shut things down again tonight, getting back around three or four. On the way back we stopped and got falafel.  Tracy had never had falafel before and while messy, this was some of the best that I had ever had.

Tracy’s First Falafel