February 25, 1986: I Turn Double Digits

Note: This historical post was first written in December, 2018.

Today I turned ten years old. This would turn out to be a pretty important and influential year in my life. Age ten was pretty big for me.

At this age, I was very interested in airplanes and space travel. One of my birthday gifts, one that ended up staying with me long into adulthood (it is still sitting on my book shelf, here in my office where I am writing this update, in 2018 with all of its series mates) is the Guide to Airliners that Mom and Dad gave to me. This was the fifth book of the series that I got, and thus completing it.

ARCO An Illustrated Guide to The World’s Airliners
Happy Birthday, Scott. 1986. Love, Mom & Dad. In mom’s handwriting.