July 2, 1995: Lee Greenwood at Buffalo Hill Village

This evening, Nathan Parker and I went to the Buffalo Hill Village campground in Varysburg, New York for a massive fireworks show and the Lee Greenwood concert. This might sound bizarre to someone reading this in the future, but country shows like this were all the rage in the mid-1990s and having a show like this out in the countryside near where we grew up was a really big deal.

I remember the show quite vividly, I am not writing this article until late 2020. It was a nice evening and a good concert. We had a lot of fun and the fireworks was definitely the biggest I’ve ever seen anywhere even by the time that I am in my mid forties and am writing this. But I was just nineteen when we went to the concert.

It was an outdoor concert at a campground. So we sat on the ground in a huge field, surrounded by woods, on very hilly terrain making a sort of natural amphitheater, although not a very good one. Very appropriate for the kind of concert, though, and for a giant fireworks display.