February 28, 2001: Happy Birthday Eric

Happy Birthday to Eric, one of our email contributors! He is the big quarter century today.

IthacaPortal.com opened today on the Niatel network. IthacaPortal is a new site that will be attempting to be your one-stop guide to all things Ithaca and Tompkins County so I suggest that everyone in the area go there and check it out for cool places to go to in and around Ithaca. It isn’t anything too exciting yet, right now it is basically just a lot of links but there will be lots of content forthcoming so it is worth bookmarking. This has been a back-burner project of mine for some time and it is finally a reality now.

Also, check out www.OilNavigator.com if you want to see something else that I have been working on. I worked at OilNav this past Autumn while I was living in DC. If you check the contact page, you will see that I am still listed as the webmaster. It is actually a consulting position.

[IthacaPortal went on to be relatively popular for several years during the time while I still lived primarily in Ithaca.  After the summer of 2003 when I moved away from Ithaca the site became rather stagnant and eventually faded away.  It was discontinued completely around 2005.  The name was then bought by another company.

OilNavigator didn’t last very long after this point.  The bulk of the staff was let go a few weeks after I left there last year and most of them never saw any compensation for the time that they were putting in there.  I was the last person at OilNavigator to get full compensation.  They made some attempt this year to hold on and generate some revenue or get bought out but that hope never came to fruition and later in 2001 the site would fade away as well.  By 2006 most references to the site left online would point back to my own online resume or to SGL.  December, 2007.]

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