Well, my new video card has still not arrived and I am getting very anxious to be able to play Quake II with even cooler graphics. I know, it is sad when an IT professional doesn’t already have this stuff around his house but I just haven’t been playing video games much over the last few years and I am just behind the times. Lo siento! We did manage to get Tim to play the other day and Josh went out and bought himself a copy last night so that he could play over the internet with us from Rochester.

I have to go to Washington tomorrow and stay there for the entire week because I am taking an intensive AIX training class being hosted by IBM. It should be a fun class but it is fourty hours in a single week. It is going to be a long and exhausting week. So, be prepared, there isn’t going to be any SGL postings going on while I am out of town. Unless, of course, I decide that I am getting bored and decide to head over to our server farm there and play on the machines there.

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