Can you believe it, this is the third daily update in a row. I know that you are all very impressed. So, some of the latest news is that Nate and I have purchased a really cool 1988 Mazda RX-7 Convertible in red. We found the car and fell in love with it. The RX-7 is such a fun car and it is so nice to have a convertible. It has spent most of the time in the shop (it has been there for the last five days now and this is already its second trip in to the shop in the last two weeks) but we expect to have it out again tomorrow and we are looking forward to driving it again. We even got a vanity plate so the llamas around town can spot us, it is “MLUVNIT”. We had to get that license because of an incident with an identical car fourteen years ago. So honk if you see us around Ithaca.

The llamas are moving to a new house in just a few weeks. We have grown weary of our old pen and have decided that we need a bigger place to roam. Tim is moving in with us when we move because we are moving up from a four bedroom to a five bedroom house. We are also moving from 2.5 baths up to 5.5 and from a single width “Jacuzzi” to a double. We are very happy. The house is currently being built and is expected to be completed shortly. We are very excited.

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