July 30, 2001: Andy Touches Himself on Stage

So after an entire week of not missing a single day of updates, I missed one day. At least we set a new Llama record for continuous updates. This is my first real week of working from home and it is a little bit weird. I get so many phone calls during the day. My office here is really turning into an office.

Josh headed back to Rochester yesterday afternoon after an exhausting weekend here. We all went to Margaritaville on Saturday night and that wore everybody out pretty bad. I managed to get almost everyone to sing some karaoke. Josh, Loopy, Dominica and I sang “Summer Lovin'” from Grease as well as a number of other songs. Loopy even got up and did his own renditions of “Like a Virgin” and “I Touch Myself. ” He was the hit of the evening.

Tomorrow I have to work in Rochester again. I have not seen Bob in at least two weeks and I have not seen Nate for one. I will probably pass Nate as he heads towards Ithaca and I head towards Rochester. The Mazda should be out of the shop tomorrow. We will see if that really happens.

I am moving everything older than July over to the archive files to help speed up the time it takes to download this main page. That should cut about 40% off of the download time.

[Ed.  Margaritaville was a special “Mexican” night at the Crooked Board Tavern on the east side of Ithaca out in the country.  Andy’s drunken renditions of “Like a Virgin” by Madonna and “I Touch Myself” by the DeVinyls have turned into legends within our social group.  December, 2007.]

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