November 2, 2001

So, the other day I was in Rochester checking out this hydroponics store called Harvest Moon. They had a cool hydroponics starter set that I wanted so I picked it up and now I am looking into growing some chili peppers in my bedroom. I think that that will be really cool. If anyone knows anything about growing peppers, let me know.

The weather out here in Ithaca has been wonderful the last two days. Indian Summer is upon us for sure. Speaking of Indian Summer, maybe we should all watch that movie this week. I love that movie. Look for Sam Ramie as the dock boy.

Josh and Dana should be arriving out here this evening. They are coming up to go out wine touring with Dominica and I again. This will be Dominica and my third time out on the wine trail, Josh’s second and the first time for Dana. None of us have ventured out to the Seneca Trail before, though. We have only done Cayuga in the past.

Today is my big productive day! I have managed to get all kinds of things accomplished today. No one way home to stop me from being productive all day long. Also notice that I archived August. Only October and November are here on the active page.

I would like to mention that I believe that during this month, SheepGuardingLlama will celebrate its first year!! We started around this time last year, we remember this because we first used the site to post directions to our then new house (not the one that we are in now) for our New Year’s Eve party. We did not archive the original site, not until we had obtained a following in Elmira Heights and Horseheads did we start to keep the site up to date all of the time. So, we are now one year old. Go Llamas, Go Llama, its your Birthday… – Scott

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