November 24, 2001

Well, yesterday was the biggest shopping day of the year so, as you can imagine, I was out shopping with everyone else. Normally I avoid shopping on the day after Thanksgiving but something compelled me to go out and shop yesterday. I did manage to find quite a number of video game bargains, though. I want to congratulate Microsoft on a decision that they made with Age of Empires I Gold Ed. It seems that if you purchase this game, you can install the game on any number of computers for use with multiplayer games as long as there is a purchased game CD for every three players. That means that three people in my house can play against each other online with only having bought one copy of the game. I thought that that was really nice. Plus the game was only $20 at EB anyway! I also managed to pick up the new game Nations at EB for only $10. I have been wanting to try that game out for a while. Eric and Dominica have both started playing AoE2 so we will be playing against each other very soon. Josh has promised to pick up a copy of the game this week.

So, AT&T has been calling the house so often that I finally just shut off all of the ringers on the phones here. No one ever calls for me and I am the only one home so I have stopped answering the phone. (So if you call here and only ever get the answering machine for the next week, you will know why.) I am pretty much home alone all week so I am (in Bob’s own words) “running around in everyone else’s rooms and farting on their clothes.”

I did manage to get quite a bit added to our Funny Email section, in fact, it is almost twice the size that it was before. Everything is expanding a little bit at a time.

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