November 29, 2001

The Mazda PR5 that I have had on order since August is now in the shop. I am really excited but all I am going to do is pick it up on Saturday morning and drive it straight to my parent’s house and winterize it. So 50 miles tops with it. How depressing. The RX-7 is still in the shop and it is never getting fixed, I fear. At least I got the PR5 that I wanted, 2002 Vivid Yellow, 5-Speed, Sunroof, CD & Cassette, all of the options. Costing a fortune but it is supposed to be pretty much a one of a kind deal since I am getting a demo that they don’t even know whether or not they are going to make.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a CD of the music played by Nate, Josh, Joe and I, I was told that you can find information on it at So check us out and pick up a copy of our CD! What a great Christmas gift for someone.

So, my friend Natalie, the blonde Canadian, told me that she has been showing our web site to her friends in Canada. Maybe we have managed to start a Canadian contingency to replace the Horseheads one that seems to have disappeared some time ago (at least they never email us anymore 🙁 ) I suppose that we will have to start including more Canadian friendly content like things spelled colour, theatre, blonde, etc. Or maybe have the site available in French, eh? If you would like to get a hold of Natalie and make fun of her for being Canadian, you can email her at (email address removed as inactive in 2005.) I am also trying to talk her into writing up a bio for us so that we can start our new Bio section that Anne (who is hiding from us in Belgium) suggested some time ago.

Notice that I moved everything older that November over to the archives page. The month of November takes more than three times as long as the entire year’s archive to download because of the pictures that we have started using so liberally. I guess that we figure that almost our entire audience is connecting using a high speed connection at this point and will be doing okay with our really cool content.

Loopy is now officially addicted to Age of Empires II. He is the fifth one to get addicted. He has been staying up until six in the morning the last two days playing it.

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