December 5, 2001

Another exciting Llama day. Commodore 64 emulation was popular again today. Barbie and Below the Root are the popular games. Loopy bought a used Sega Dreamcast today. It only cost him $40. So now we have two Game Boy Colors, one Game Boy Advance (but I have one on my Christmas list too), one Atari 2600, two Playstations, one Nintendo 64, one Super NES and one Nintendo Game Cube. That is pretty amazing considering we almost never play console video games in the house.

Flag of BelgiumI did a bit of work on the new Bios section of the site today. Hopefully we will have a link to the Bios section here sometime within a week (maybe before I have to go down to DC.) In the meantime, you can check out the work in progress on Anne Koplinka-Loehr’s Bio page. She tells me that she will be sending me pictures from Belgium very soon so everyone can see where she is. Anne is one of our most faithful readers and she also got her first entry into the Funny Stuff section entered just yesterday.

The weather is unbelievably warm for a December in New York. Pretty much no one is needing to wear a coat yet. Has anyone watched their copy of White Christmas yet? I am betting on there being no snow for Christmas but probably a bit for New Year’s as there always is.

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