December 8, 2001

Last night was the opening night of Nate and Bob’s musical at Boynton Middle School. They are doing “Once Upon A Mattress.” The show was great last night. Dominica and I saw the show last night. Loopy and I are going to the show tonight. Tim is playing tuba in the pit too.

Flag of BelgiumThere is another Anne update posted today. That is update number eight. I think that she might be writing more content going on to the site than I am. If you think that I have long updates then you should read her’s.

Bob has finally caught the Age of Empire’s 2 bug and is loading it up onto his computer today. We will see how long it is before he gets addicted to it too. Loopy has been working on additional taunts to add to the game so it is even more hilarious now!

November content has been moved over to the archives. This page is nice and fast to load now. Christmas is coming soon, only 2 ½ weeks to go. Hope you all have been shopping.

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