March 21, 2002

Today is Nate’s 26th Birthday! We took him out to dinner at Viva Taqueria downtown.

I managed to get a bit of work done on the site yesterday. A couple of mistakes and out of date things have been updated. A bit more exciting is that I managed to get a whole bunch of code updated today. I am in the process of updating the site from old, plain, boring HTML 3.2 to new, exciting XHTML1 using CSS2. I am working on it slowly and you should see changes happening one page at a time. We will have much greater control over the look of the site now and can change some look and feel features of it very easily. This was very hard for us to do before. Until we are all finished migrated the changes throughout the site, you will notice some differences in appearence between pages. Just hang tight and eventually all of the pages will look even more uniform that before. You may also notice that the new things like the Bios button is appearing on the newly redone pages.

In addition to making the pages easier to manage and update, the new system should make downloads a little bit faster as well. We have managed to reduce the total size of our files which makes them faster to download and easier to parse in your web browser. So let us know if things are running a little bit faster.

Eric was able to stop by today. This is his second time coming to the house. It was also his first chance to play a round of AoE2 against me. I won, of course, but we had a good time. It has been quite a while since I have had the chance to play AoE2. I had started to forget how much fun it was.

Dominica has borrowed a copy of her father’s BBC Radio’s Lord of the Rings on cassette and I have been listening to it in the car. It is really cool. I have to drive out west to Batavia tomorrow (yes, in the nasty weather) which will give me five or more hours in the car to listen to more of the story. I am not too into the books but the tapes are excellent. I liked the movie a lot but it was altered a bit from the original story. I started listening to books in the car last year in the RX-7 while commuting to DC. I really like Sue Grafton’s “‘A’ Is For Alibi” and that got me hooked. It is a nice way to pass the time while you are driving. You get most of the advantages of reading but you can do it at times when you wouldn’t have been able to anything else. I enjoy it.

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