April 30, 2002

Josh is here today. We were hoping to be able to play some golf but we are out of luck. Josh has to get down to Binghamton by 4 o’clock to help teach his marching students so we couldn’t wait for the weather to clear up.

I managed to pick up a bunch more parts for my new computer today. I got the last hard drive I need, the DVD drive and the CD writer. I am pretty close now. Only a few more pieces. I also sent back the stuff that was bad. Hopefully I will be getting full money back on those three parts.

Dominica and Miranda watched the last six episodes of the Sakura Diaries, they are the first two to finish the series. Nate made it through Episode 7 and Bob and I made it through Episode 8. Nate even looked for some more Sakura stuff at the mall.

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