April 5, 2002

Another day, another update. It will be hard to keep today as interesting as yesterday was. We added a bit of content yesterday. We also submitted SGL to the Google search engine. Hopefully we will get indexed this time. We don’t come up on a search there right now. Maybe in a week or so.

I forgot to mention in all the excitement the other day that while the guys where in NYC (Nate, Zach and Bob) that they managed to go out to Coyote Ugly. And they say that it really is just like the movie. They were watching the movie again the other night as well.

In sad news that I forgot to mention… My brass monkey has finally died. He was hanging out in my bathroom by the sink when he got knocked over and crashed into the procellain sink. He was laid to rest this morning. He will be missed by all.

I guess that I should give a hydroponics updates as well. Eric will be happy about that. The basil plant, “Basil” we will call him, has been growing in my bathroom since early November, 2001 and he is still alive and doing fine. I trimmed him today, changed his water giving him a thorough cleaning, misted him and fed him. I also added some of the trellis supports that came with the kit so he is standing up a bit more now. He is looking pretty good. The whole system is pretty simple. A bucket of water that is full of a salt substance that the plant uses as food and a fish tank airation system to keep the water fresh and moving and to keep air on the roots. Not very complicated but I am surprised that I have managed to keep Basil doing as well as he has been since I am so bad at taking care of him. He also gets very little sunlight where he is and the room is often cold which makes it that much harder for him. The funniest thing is that this basil plant has grown from an already picked basil plant that I bought at Wegman’s that they were selling for food. Not to grow. So, I am going to deem the experiment a success.

With the expected arrival of my new computer (very, very soon, I hope) I have decomissioned by Linux machine that has had the prominent place on my desk for quite some time now. Parts were taken from it recently to bolster my Win2K machine and the last information is being recorded from it now so that it can be dismantled. The time comes in the life of every computer when it can no longer be used in service. But it is always a sad day. Zoe will be missed by us all. It is my hope that the processor from Zoe will have the opportunty to live on as one of two Pentium III 600s that I want to install into our database server in Washington. Zoe, in some form, may have the opportunity to see service for some time to come if she is lucky. Her hard drive will be able to continue service (as it is an IBM UltraATA100 80GB drive) in my new computer as one of three drives. My cousing Sara is going to be receiving this new machine so that she can start working on Web and 3D graphics design. I put a bit of time into rebuilding this machine today. It is nice to know that Zoe won’t fade into memory just yet.

One of the most exciting things today is a new web log analyzer that we are trying out. As soon as we have some numbers, I will let you see them. I think that it will be really interesting to see who is coming to our little web site here. Our web logs are not the most complete ones out there. They are pretty basic – but some basic data is quite interesting. We could get more complete date if we paid for more expensive web analysis software, but what is the point in that? I did find the bad link to Osama.html that apparently has been broken for a very long time and no one has mentioned to me. Maybe no one goes and reads our funny stuff section:( It would be very sad if I posted all of those funny things and nobody ever read them.

Today’s web site of the day is going to be Changing-Faces.net. This one requires a Java enabled browser to really see. If it works on your browser, you will get a cute little doodling application to play with. Again, this site is thanks to Loopy.

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