July 19, 2002

TGIF, again. Josh decided to buy my speakers off of me in trade for some of his amps that match mine. Shortly, we will both have complete digital surround systems. We have been waiting a long time for this. Finally. Maybe soon Loopy will be buying the projector that he has been talking about. That would be really awesome. I haven’t had a front projection TV since Josh and I lived in Irondequoit in 1997. It was so much fun. And we had a big stereo then too, full analogue surround.

I was shopping at Ten Thousand Villages down on the Commons the other day and I managed to pick up a small stuffed Llama. This new Llama is going to be our Sheep Guarding Llama mascot! But, first we need a name. So we are going to have a “Name the Llama” contest to name our new mascot. So, everyone email in your submissions.

Our new neighbors moved in yesterday. They are straight in from Germany. He is a professor at Cornell’s Vet School. So this must be a prime location for him, just up the road from the school. They only just moved in last night and we happened to be heading out to go to a movie when we saw them pulling in. So we had a chance to say “Hi” but that was about all.

Loopy, Dominica and I went out ot see “Reign of Fire” last night. It left a little to be desired. Nothing very special. It was ok. Plot was terrible. Christian Bale was good. I won’t buy it on disc when it comes out. We were very excited, though, that the trailer for “The Two Towers” is finally out. LotR2 comes to theatres on December 18!

In addition to writing all kinds of nonsense here in the Daily Update, I have even gotten around to adding some more content to the Funnies. There are three new pages there at least. There might be more since I last mentioned it. How long has it been since that last happened? I will slowly be updating the Funny Stuff to match the rest of the site. It will probably take a while so bare with me.

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